A Sobering Ride On Line 420

Los Angeles Daily News

Veteran driver Jeff Herman is no stranger to the violent, bizarre twists of MTA Line 420, but the encounter with the armed man three years ago seems as vivid as yesterday’s shift.

Caltrans Missed Safety Deadline

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Faulty MTA Radios Called Safety Risk

Los Angeles Daily News

From the neon-lighted stations of the downtown subway to the bus routes

Freeway Work: A Perilous Paycheck

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Homes Owned By Caltrans Not Kept Up, Records Show

Los Angeles Times

About 100 acquired for freeway extension aren’t in shape to be rented.

Metro Rail Cost-Overrun Tab Adds To City Hall Fiscal Woes

Los Angeles Business Journal

City already owes at least $100 million to LACTC

Money Train

LA CityBeat

Why would a U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma come to L.A. to raise money?

Moving Down The Road

Pasadena Weekly

Caltrans’ 700,000 square-foot tower owes its existence to earthquakes, union muscle, and a tincture of politics.

MTA Spent Big To Sugarcoat Tunneling

Los Angeles Daily News

Critics say humbug to mitigation effort

No Exit

Pasadena Weekly

Once stately properties that Caltrans bought 30 years ago to complete the still unfinished Long Beach Freeway stand as a testament of neglect by one of the most powerful agencies in California

Paper Trail Led to MTA Manager

Los Angeles Daily News

Contractor bills aroused suspicion of kickbacks; Sesay await sentence.

Problems Pile Up Along Metroline

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Report reveals 2,835 labor violations, lax supervision in new subway

Some MTA Drivers Get Physical

Los Angeles Daily News

Attacks on riders not always punished

Subway Tunnel Walls At Risk, Report Warns

Los Angeles Daily News

MTA officials say water-damage threat small

The Untouchables- Corridor of Shame

Pasadena Weekly

Slumlord Caltrans uses legal immunity to hold tenants and city at bay as long-needed repairs to homes the agency owns along the proposed 710 Freeway route drag on

Transit Commision Auditors Cast Eagle Eye On Tutor’s Costs

Los Angeles Business Journal

Los Angeles County Transportation Commission auditors are questioning tens of thousands...

Tunnel Visions – Corridor of Shame

Pasadena Weekly

Caltrans may dig deep to find a way out of its 710 Freeway extension debacle

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