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A Strong Signal on Global Warming

New York Times

Despite the drumbeat of grim economic news up and down the state, Californians today no doubt...


Pasadena Weekly

Are cellular memories of past lives imprinted on our genetic scaffolding?

California’s Solar Scorecard

New York Times

Despite living in America’s premier green state, most of the state’s homeowners continue to rebuff solar power...

Cap and Trade and The Smog Ripoff

Now that Senators have reconvened from summer hiatus, one of their first tasks will be to contemplate...

Does the Climate Bill Have a Chance?

New York Times

In the toxic air of Los Angeles is a primer on human nature as we debate a national cap-and-trade for greenhouse gases.

Gone Baby, Gone

LA CityBeat

The maddening, populist, civil libertarian, deal-making, district-loving and just plain weird career of City Councilman Nate Holden ends on July 1, leaving behind a new political scene that can’t tolerate his brand of bullish boosterism.

Governor Jerry Brown Can Do More To Green Up California

Bloomberg View

Anyone following the listing giant we call California might have noticed that the Chicken Littles...

His Way (Part II)

Pasadena Weekly

Pasadena’s Danny Bakewell, ‘The Godfather of South Central,’ always wanted to be rich, no matter what (Part II)

Justice: Swift and Righteous

Pasadena Weekly

Remembering a relative’s murder and the gas chamber execution of his unrepentant killer

MTA Watchdog Makes Inroads On Money Train

Los Angeles Daily News

Arthur Sinai has seen the look before, that wide-eyed expression new acquaintances flash him after learning he’s the man behind the Super Bowl...

My brother’s mystery photos of RFK before his murder

Vicodin Thieves

Arthur Sinai has seen the look before, that wide-eyed expression new acquaintances flash him after learning he’s the man behind the Super Bowl...

New Dad: Everyone’s A Critic

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Odd Man In

Pasadena Weekly

Outsider Turned Coalition Builder Turned Political Pariah, Daniel Arguello Finds Himself at the Center of Alhambra’s Most Explosive Scandal

Return Of The Native

L.A. CityBeat

From barrio golden boy to bad example and halfway back again: the terrible rise, fall, and slow resurrection of onetime Latino power broker Richard Alatorre

She Speaks Loudly And Carries A Big Stick- Glendale Mayor Virginia Bremberg

Los Angeles Business Journal

Fiery Glendale Mayor Virginia Bremberg even speaks of buying Burbank and turning it into a ‘parking lot’

The Man In The Light

The baseball cracked off the bat, vanishing into the smoggy, gray sky over east Pasadena’s Eugene Field Elementary School.

The Man Who Would Be King (Part I)

Pasadena Weekly

He’s been called everything from civil rights crusader to shameless ‘poverty pimp.’ Chip Jacobs goes in search of the real Danny Bakewell (Part I of II)

The Survivor

LA CityBeat

The strange and terrible saga of how Jerry Schneiderman escaped from a cold-blooded killer and became a royal pain in the ass.

What Does (Fidel Vargas) Want?

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

At 26, the nation’s youngest big-city mayor has assembled the beginnings of a formidable power base, hut he has left political observers and constituents alike wondering about his next move.

What if Republicans Closed the E.P.A.?

New York Times

In national politics, California may be seen as Exhibit A for over-regulating the environment.

Who’s Been Using My Bin?

Los Angeles Times

Few things unite a neighborhood like an open dumpster...

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