The Books

  • The People’s Republic of Chemicals
  • The Vicodin Thieves: Biopysing L.A.’s Grifters, Gloryhounds and Goliaths
  • The Ascension of Jerry
  • Smogtown
  • Wheeling the Deal

The Latest




* Chip’s Q&A comparing Los Angeles and Beijing in The New York Times’ Sinosphere

* Writing the People’s Republic – Q&A in Wall Street Journal’s ChinaRealTime

* Chip on KCRW’s Press Play, KPFK’s Uprising Radio & a scintillating ChinaFile review

* Foreword Reviews touts book as “outstanding,” gives it 5-heart critique

* Booklist magazine gives The People’s Republic of Chemicals starred review

* Chip talks Frankenstein of emissions on The StreetAOL-Huff Post Live & Brainstormin’



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