Air of Deceit. A Cap-and-Trade Fraud Like No Other.

Was convicted smog-credit swindler Anne Sholtz also part of shady international ‘money repatriation schemes’ with links to the CIA?

Barbecuers Are Doing A Slow Burn

AQMD lighter fluid ban is hot spot of controversy

Calls For Reducing Chromium Levels In Water Go Unheeded

A state agency wants to raise the threshold for acceptable amounts in Valley wells. But not all agree the chemical poses a real threat.

Chromium 6 Suspected at Disney Studios

Air conditioning system in Burbank may be a source of water contamination.

Clearing The Waters

New charges point out dearth of prosecutions in chromium 6 cases of contaminated groundwater

Defunct Steam Plans Draining MWD

Customers to foot bill until projects are paid off – in 2024

Dropping Science

Chromium 6 is a known carcinogen, but the implosion of a blue-ribbon panel of scientists means we still don’t know how much is safe in L.A.’s drinking water.

DWP Failed to Inform Council on Tainted Wells, Lawmakers Say

Chick and Wachs criticize agency, which concedes it failed to fulfill its watchdog role on chromium 6 in water.

Garbage Alliances Assailed

Grassroots Groups Say They Need Corporate Allies to Compete

Impossible Choices

While cleaning up solvents in L.A.’s water supply, did regulators pull another potentially deadly chemical into the pipes?

Keeping Their Distance

As investigative net tightens, creditors and friends of Anne Sholtz keep low profiles.

Lead-Paint Cleanup Stalled In Boyle Heights

D.A. Garcetti can’t get the lead out at vast housing complex

Lockheed Fears Persist

Burbank-Area Residents Dispute Cancer-Incident Survey

Lockheed Quagmire Grows

Contractor wants Pentagon to pay hunk of toxic cleanup tab

Lockheed Resolves Toxic Claims

Residents near Burbank B-1 plan to receive $60-million

Lockheed Retaining Half of Settlement

Lawyer’s Notes to Burbank Residents Disclosed

Memos Detail Lockheed Settlement

Lawyer’s Notes to Burbank Residents Disclosed

More Residents Seeking Damages from Lockheed

Burbank residents who missed out on a $60 million settlement with Lockheed Martin Corp. have brought a class-action lawsuit...

MWD Boondoggle

Water district lost millions in failed LA real estate deal

Par For The Landfill

Golf and other recreational uses are being developed for dumps after they reach their capacity.

Payout (In Lockheed Settlement) May Set Model in Future Cases

Lockheed Martin Corp.’s $60 million out-of-court settlement with 1,300 Burbank residents...

Rocketdyne Gets Health Study Before Panelists

A draft of an unprecedented health study of workers at Rockwell International’s Rocketdyne Division...

Rockwell Debacle: How Did it Start?

Investigators Probe Waste Violations

Rockwell’s Flawed Environmental Record Questions Raised Over History of Infractions at Company Sites

In the past decade, Rockwell International Corp. has seen the same cycle re-enacted around the country...

Score One For The Trees

To Keep the Mighty from Falling, L.A. Has Toughened Rules Protecting Oaks, Sycamores and Other Trees. Some Say It’s about Time. Other Predict Headaches for Homeowners.

Smoke And Mirrors

A Pasadena firm comes under suspicion for allegedly misappropriating millions for L.A.’s smog credit trading industry.

Smoke Screen

After five years, Anne Sholtz has yet to be sentenced for her role in multimillion-dollar smog-credit scam

Steam Plant Fulled Political Blow-UP

Energized by Mideast oil shocks and the fledgling “green” revolution 15 years ago...

Toxics Law May Have Swayed Lockheed Case

Case involving state toxics law was ‘waiting to happen’

Troubled Waters

Chromium 6 is the same poison made infamous by Erin Brockovich. Now it poses a ‘clear and present danger’ to the water supply of Los Angeles.

Up in Smoke

Victims stunned by light sentence in multimillion-dollar smog-credit scam.

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