Business & Defense

‘Be Quick, Be Quiet, Be On Time’

Los Angeles Business Journal

Lockheed Corp.’s secret brain trust emerges from war smelling like roses.

A History Of Boom And Bust

Los Angeles Business Journal

L.A.’S Ups and Downs are Nothing New, and When One Industry Stumbles Another Arises

A Home For Always

Los Angeles Times

More seniors are choosing to stay put in their family homes, and modifying them to meet new needs

An Opening To Theft

Los Angeles Times

An open house leaves valuables at risk – even the contents of your medicine cabinet.

Battling Erupts Over Gulf War Troops Parade

An open house leaves valuables at risk – even the contents of your medicine cabinet.

Builders Bulldozed By Thieves

This Labor Day holiday, while Californians gobble hamburgers and hot dogs in a farewell to summer...

Businesses Revolting Against City Truck Ban

Los Angeles Business Journal

Worry that cost of deliveries, consumer goods may escalate

Corporate poachers swoop onto SoCal to steal away firms

Representatives from 28 states planned to descend into the heart of the Southland this past weekend to poach...

Crusader Pushes For Simpler Inheritance Rules

Determined senior battles for state approval of a one-page form to bequeath property without the need for courts and lawyers.

Earth, Wind and Wire: Going Beyond Solar Panels

Here’s a look at three technologies that California residents are using to cut their energy bills and turn their homes into clean, mini-power plants.

House Hunting? It’s Not a Buyer’s Market Everywhere

The median price in Southern California may have plummeted, but in more desirable neighborhoods, home buyers are still engaging in bidding wars.

Is Lockheed Corp. Working On A New Secret Stealth Plane?

Experts cite military need and hidden defense budget.

Let’s Hear It For Tommy’s (Burp)

But don’t ever try to copy its original world famous hamburgers or tacky ambience.

Not On His Watch

Empty homes attract criminal and squatters, but communities are fighting back

Recession may forge a housing shift in California

Tight financial times may have a lasting effect on home buyers and alter the state’s real estate landscape.

Some Ideas On What To Get A Pooch Who Has Everything

Admittedly, the grinning busts of perestroika pals Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev probably aren’t on the tony...

State, Hollywood Chamber Near Deal To Retain Landmarks Control

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and California Attorney General's office are close to striking an agreement...

The Full-Employment Act For Spies

In the six years since Richard Miller waddled into espionage fame by trading FBI secrets for a trench coat...

Wheel N’ Deal

The recent phenomenon has been greeted by some with jeers, but agents say it’s an opportunity for prospective buyers.

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