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15 hours ago

Chip Jacobs

"Has anyone seen the bridge? ... That confounded bridge." As a matter of fact, I have, and it harks back to late-seventies Pasadena of my youth. That experience was the midwife to my book, "Arroyo." ...

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"Has anyone," @ledzeppelin asks in The Crunge, "seen the bridge?" Yes, I have, and IT'S Pasadena's Col. St. mysterious bridge. The delicious ? snuck into my brain, and later helped inspire my @latimes @vromans bestselling novel from @rarebirdlit.

Exactly. Vladimir - no dacha will be safe. "So, Russia, You Want to Mess With Our Voting Machines?"

Russia hackers: karma ain't gonna forget you.

Woman Beheaded in French Knife ‘Terror’ Attack at Church, 3 Dead via @thedailybeast

How Will I Ever Look at America the Same Way Again?

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