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In conjunction with the book release for GO ALL THE WAY: A LITERARY APPRECIATION OF POWER POP, Big Stir Records is making it easier to hear... THE GOALLTHEWAYS! Is it power pop? Well, pretty much hell yes. Hear what…

Get your tickets for Friday night @ the mesmerizing Garfield House, where I'll be talking with historian/writer Rick Thomas about my novel on the Colorado St. Bridge, our joint love of Cawston Ostrich Farm, and much more.

My updated essay on the spell Pasadena's concrete queen placed on me. Thankfully! #arroyo #novel #history #mysterybridge @rarebirdlit @sethfischer

Tonight on @IssuesOn1, I am honored to speak with @katiehill4ca about what can be done to prevent these horrific tragedies like this. Also a survivor of Parkland talks about the toll mass shootings take on young minds. Tune in tonight @SpecNews1SoCal at 8 PM

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