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4 days ago

Chip Jacobs

If you're searching for a different kind of book as a Holiday gift this year—one blending historical mystery with an adventurous romp—might I suggest my debut novel. 'Arroyo' swirls around construction of Pasadena, California's breathtaking Colorado Street Bridge in 1913, where readers follow a quixotic, solar-power inventor and his mischievous, clairvoyant mutt. They have knack for excitement in America's Rose Parade city.

"A riveting and enjoyable look at how local myths are constructed, and a vivid depiction of a time and a place that felt full of possibilities"—Booklist

"A love letter to small town America, celebrated here with warm and conviction . . . Promising and ambitious"—Library Journal

Hailed by Goodreads, CrimeReads, and others. Best seller

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In 2016, Trump invited Russia to interfere in our elections and then obstructed the investigation into his misconduct.

In 2019, Trump abused his power to again obtain foreign election interference, and obstructed Congress’s investigation.

This is a clear pattern of misconduct.

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