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Nat Ross as a young filmaker

Gordon’s uncle, Universal Pictures Director Nat Ross

Mama Rose pushing infant Gordon in 1920s L.A.

Gordon’s mother, Rose Zahler, 1920s.

Lee rehearing actors in a faux jail cell

Gordon’s father, Hollywood Musician Lee Zahler, rehearsing actors, probably in the 1930s.

Gordon and his musician father, Lee Zahler, pre-accident, late-1930s

Young Gordon and his father, Lee, late 1930s.










Lee on Set of Crookey Alley

Lee Zahler at one of his earliest films, “Crooked Alley”

Lee on Set Rehearing Musicians with organ

Lee at a shoot, rehearing musicians with his side-kick organ

Lee Rehearing with Hottie Dancer

Lee practicing with a sequined Hollywood knockout










Gordon recuperating from his accident

Gordon recovering in Sierra Madre

Gordon recovering with his partying friends

Gordon’s party therapy

Gordon & pals with Nat King Cole at Trocadero nightclub

Gordon and chums with Nat King Cole








Gordon out at, maybe at the Hollywood Bowl

Gordon out, maybe at the Hollywood Bowl seeing the Beatles

Gordon as Whistler's Mother

Gordon taking first prize portraying Whistler’s Mother

Gordon in front of dumpster

Gordon in front of of a studio dumpster (where he might’ve poached a discarded script)









Gordon on the set the TV sewing show he created

Gordon on the set of the sewing program that became his breakthrough.

Gordon at the wrap party for TV Western

Gordon, aide Jimmy Gillard (and maybe M. Landau) at the “26 Men” wrap party

Gordon and Russell Hayden studying Daily Variety

Gordon and actor/producer Russell Hayden staying abreast of the latest trade news.









Gordon and Jimmy Gillard relaxing in Europe

Gordon on a European business trip with Jimmy mixing deals and adventure.

Gordon and Walter Lantz at Balboa

Gordon and his future business partner, Walter Lantz, Woody Woodpecker’s creator.

Paul Williams during Blue Jay Way construction

Legendary architect Paul Williams overseeing construction of Gordon’s Blue Jay Way House









Gordon and Judy radiant post-nuptials

Gordon and Judy Mahler on their honeymoon in Santa Barbara

Gordon with unidentified guide on African lake

Gordon on a lake in Africa. He preferred safaris

1993 Altadena Fire getting closer

The ’93 Pasadena fire






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