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Strange As It Seems: Review Roundup n’ stuff

June 29th, 2016 · No Comments

“Jacobs … is an exceptional storyteller, and his lively look at the extraordinary career of Gordon Zahler … is a peculiar page-turner. Zahler, the author’s uncle, achieved success on the margins of show business despite a spinal injury … Jacobs … craft(s) an imaginative biography about this unusual figure, who carved out a distinct place in post-WWII Hollywood by […]

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Guest Post: “Five Years?”

March 7th, 2016 · No Comments

By Jeff Charlebois This year, while visiting the family in Florida for my annual holiday vacation, I ventured over to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis to get an evaluation and see if there was anything new in the world of spinal cord injury (SCI) research. The Miami Project began in 1985 when Marc, the son […]

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Strange As It Seems: Official Book Trailer Flies Through Space

February 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

BOOK TRAILER BY 14 FILM FROM THE WONDERFUL SITE, CARTOON RESEARCH  “Here is a remarkable tale of Hollywood history that sheds light on the man who provided the music for several TV cartoon series of the 1960s – not to mention the infamous Ed Wood feature Plan 9 From Outer Space. The son of poverty-row movie composer Lee […]

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January 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

I’ll have plenty to say, post and blather about this one in the months to come. For now, Gordon up.   FROM THE DUST COVER: The life of Gordon Zahler was simply so miraculous that it might as well have been science fiction.  Born into an entertainment family in suburban Los Angeles in the mid-1920s, Zahler […]

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