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If kitschy sci-fi had a music man, it was an opinionated, 95-pound quadriplegic named Gordon orchestrating the flamboyance. Wouldn’t you know it was Ed Wood Jr., one of the undisputed emperors of 1950s schlock horror, who was the first to purchase Gordon’s cheaply delivered wares. His soundtrack, in fact, accentuates the drama of Wood’s cult-beloved Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Introduced to a Hollywood that outsiders would not recognize – the Hollywood populated by freakish under-heroes and dabblers – my uncle realized what he was doing here. Running postproduction for low-budget dreamers was still better that taking crumbs from the legitimate side of the industry. Space vampires. Maneating ferns. Venutian Dr. Strangeloves. Really tall women. It was a living, though you didn’t crow about it at starlet-filled cocktail parties.

Please note that for some listed films and TV programs below, Gordon’s employees – talented people like Jeff Bushleman, Bob Glenn, Walter Greene, Ted Roberts and Joe von Stroheim — are credited, not Gordon himself. Where he is cited, it’s usually as musical director or supervisor. See www.imdb.com or Google for additional details.


Plan Nine From Outer Space –  1959 / trailer
Night of the Ghouls – 1959 / trailer
Assignment Outer Space (a.k.a. Space Men) – 1960 / trailer
Hercules Conquers Atlantis -1961 / trailer
The Phantom Planet -1961 / trailer
First Spaceship on Venus -1962 / trailer
Mutiny in Outer Space -1965 / trailer
The Human Duplicators – 1965 / trailer
Navy Versus the Night Monsters -1966 / trailer
Women of the Prehistoric Planet -1966 / trailer


An MGM rom-com starring Doris Day as a wannabe-mom was Gordon’s first brush with an A-list project. Tunnel of Love gave him what he needed: the credibility to land future paychecks, in this case with TV westerns. When they were yanked, he paid the mortgage furnishing music and sound effects for sitcoms and cartoons that blared nonstop from America’s living rooms before anyone had heard of cable. Gigs from The Woody Woodpecker Show, thanks to Gordon’s improbable friendship with Walter Lantz, came in handy in the dead times. By the mid-1960s, Gordon was back-stroking with a different breed on shows featuring Gentle Ben, cross-eyed lions, Chuck Connors and the outdoor adventure world of eccentric producer Ivan Tors. Gordon must have wondered why he ever left Ivan’s side when he burned out on Hollywood in the early 1970s, deciding he’d be the kingpin of nascent South African TV instead.


Tunnel of Love – 1958 / trailer
Shock Corridor – 1963 / trailer

Living Between Two Worlds – 1963
Africa Texas Style – 1967 / clip

Gentle Giant – 1967 / clip   
Daring Game –1968 
Hello Down There – 1969 / trailer 
 Lost in the Desert (a.k.a Dirkie) – 1969 / movie
Pippi Longstocking – 1969 / trailer   
Mister Kingstreet’s War – 1973
Animals are Beautiful People – 1974 / trailer



Fireside Theater – 1949 (show debut) / clip   
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok – 1951 / trailer
The Red Skelton Show – 1951 / clip   
Cavalcade of America – 1952
Bozo the Clown – 1956 / cartoon
26 Men – 1957 / clip
The Woody Woodpecker Show – 1957 / clip
The Ann Sothern Show – 1958 / clip

Popeye the Sailor – 1958 / clip   
The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo – 1962 / clip
Flipper – 1964 / movie trailer   
Green Acres – 1965 / clip
Daktari – 1966 / clip 
 Tarzan – 1966 / clip
Cowboy in Africa – 1967 / clip 
 Gentle Ben – 1967 / trailer
Journey to the Center of the Earth – 1967 / clip 
 The Pink Panther Show– 1969 / clip
The Aquarians – 1970 / clip



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