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Entries from November 2009

If good cheer and comraderie turns to subtle family hostility this Thanksgiving holiday, those young-ins who pledge to do things differently when they’re running the holiday show may find themselves programmed to be act just like those they swore they would never imitate. Blame the brain. And have a marvelous Thanksgiving with an emphasis on the giving.

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From a fascinating MSBNC column that most of us can relate to as we gorge and celebrate each other. ” … Suppose, thanks to the presence of a new love’s fresh eyes, you are struck by how often your mom criticizes your dad’s disintegrating hearing, and how he nitpicks at the way she loads the […]

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In an age of jaded disbelief, here’s an organization worth rooting for and supporting. It makes you wonder why the U.S. government isn’t providing the care the PVA is furnishng and also makes you revel with patriotic pride someone filled in the gap for those who laid their everything on the line for us.

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Wheeling the Deal makes important list … sadly, and nobly

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From the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation @ the Paralysis Resource Center comes this grouping of autobiographies and biographies it deems worthwhile and available through its services. There are 2 different versions of my book here, so just ignore the first one. Just for kicks, here’s NetFlix’s 20 top inspirational movies. Link. Discuss!

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